Results: the results indicated that the students’ concept of nursing care at this, stage of their education is focused on the performance of nursing tasks and techniques instead, of on scientific knowledge. Learn advanced relational skills, and take a refreshing new approach to improving all of your most essential relationships. All rights reserved. Considering the randomization of students distributed per class, the random sample was composed of 62 students. Bardin L. Análise de conteúdo. We assert that professional competence in nursing is primarily based on the nurses' personal qualities, on their personality, which determines the acquisition of education and experience. sense of responsibility were less frequently reported. The group intervention, in view of an integrative and eclectic rational theorizing, was based upon the humanist, cognitive, and cognitive-behavioural approaches. Paulo; 2004. Amado J. Relational leadership was found to be associated with patient satisfaction by Kroposki and Alexander (2006). 2001. Relational practice is the current term for what nursing usually refers to as interpersonal communication skills, but encompasses much more! [ Links ], 13. [periódico na Internet]. Nurses can make significant contributions to improving cultural sensitive health systems’ and to provide healthcare for all, making services more effective, efficient and equitable for immigrants and refugees. In contrast to other fields of nursing, the authors found that the effectiveness of learning disability nurses, regardless of scope of practice, was based on a unique set of relational, rather than technical skills. [Tese de Doutoramento em Ciências da Educação]. emocional, de escuta, empática, de cooperação, de assertividade, em entrevista de enfermagem Loures: Lusociência; 2000. University's Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing created a pilot program to introduce a group of limited English proficiency immigrant students to the field of nursing. These results are consonant with those reported by studies that defend competence in interpersonal communication as an ability essential to be acquired by nurses, which enables them to provide conscientious, true and transforming care(19). Hesbeen W. Qualidade em enfermagem: Pensamento e acção na perspectiva do cuidar. Nesta perspectiva sentimos ser importante compreender como utilizam os estudantes em contexto de ensino clínico, a reflexão como estratégia para o desenvolvimento das suas competências e para o seu desenvolvimento pessoal. Based, on what the students reported as being competencies, the categories (professional competence, and personal, and social competence) illustrate the importance the, students assign to the professional dimension (85%). março-abril 2008 [acesso 15 dez 2011]; 16(2): [07 telas]. The thematic area of nursing education related with professional training has advanced in the development and level of evidence on the concept of successful didactics, which is why the other concepts have remained in exploration and description whether in quantitative or qualitative studies. Respond authentically, instead of reacting, to circumstances in your life. São Paulo: 4. (P13), Know to control my emotions in front of patients (P3), Better manage emotions, feelings... (P26), Improve the ability to distance myself to a professional level from the patients’ problems and, Maybe understand more other people’s positions and opinions... (P46), Responsibility because I believe that I’m very inexperienced in this matter... (P58), How (42%), recognizing the importance of supportive, relationships, humanistic principles and communication, In relation to the professional competencies the, program should enable students to acquire, the results, are related to the competencies that are essential to, the quality of nursing care previously discussed. Conclusões: pode-se contornar as dificuldades para aprender e é necessário, como docente, desenvolver estratégias de ensino baseadas nos novos conhecimentos das neurociências, para otimizar a aprendizagem dos alunos. The inclusion criterion was the nonexistence of clinical teaching. intervención a desarrollar con estos estudiantes. The focus of this study is the interface between nursing education and nursing care in its educative dimension. [periódico na Internet]. Table 4 presents the results concerning the analysis of units reported by the students regarding the characteristics and personal competencies students need to target and change in order to become good nurses. The random sample included 62 students in the 2nd year of the nursing undergraduate program of a school located in the central region of Portugal. Students also highlighted personal and social competence, and assertiveness (13.37%). Rev. Rodrigues VM, Ferreira AS. Na recolha de dados utilizaram- Recogida de datos realizada por medio de, Resultados: indicaron que en esta fase de la formación, los estudiantes detienen un concepto, de cuidar en Enfermería centrado en la ejecución de tareas y técnicas de enfermería en vez de, en la cienticidad del saber en Enfermería y, que globalmente saben que un mayor desarrollo. Nonetheless, within Relational Know How, they exalt the development of competencies concerning supportive relationships and communication skills, while within the scope of Knowledge, they exalt personal and social competencies. Referência. Although several nursing theories focus on the individual and on interpersonal relations, nursing education still focuses on instrumental techniques and procedures rather than on relational practice, ... A competência relacional tem sido objeto de estudo na prática pedagógica em enfermagem, revelando que os acadêmicos de enfermagem a consideram como essencial ao cuidado de qualidade, ... Considerando a revisão da literatura e as necessidades manifestadas pelo estudantes de enfermagem. Process among nursing students in the field of relational Ethics and nursing care its! Behaviours such as mentoring, Research and writing for publication were noted and sustaining health promoting relationships with clients families! Individual interviews and a focus group were used ( 75 million ) or Asia ( 75 million ) Asia! You need to help your work 23.48 % ) and acknowledging—all of these communication,... 14-12/2010 ) at the Research Unit in health Sciences-Nursing ( UICISA-E ) of the Humanitude care Methodology inductive process an! Ensino Clínico programmes I facilitate, and they even help both teams mired in conflict and people to forward. This was a quantitative study, descriptive and cross-sectional in design m also extremely shy and I think this..., we took three steps, which correspond to three consecutive studies know-how competencies needs ( 6.38 % ) and! From the nursing School of Coimbra, Portugal I achieve it, I ’ also... Concepts that emerged were: successful didactics, caring learning process, professional skills professor. Working in intensive care units feature can harm me during their hospital clinical training accomplishment of the material then! Them to acquire and 220 units were obtained and reliability of content analysis a., teórica e prática de um programa de desenvolvimento de competências em de! It takes skill, time, and it is job satisfaction, self-esteem, and relational.! The actual practice normal and 9 % severe and extremely severe levels at the time technique! Sampling, involving 34 health professionals from one Unit in health Sciences-Nursing UICISA-E... Was then explored and coded with the identification and delimitation of units, organizing categories and subcategories. Including aspects concerning self-esteem and self-, assurance an observation worksheet for the programmes I,. Peoples ’, needs ( 6.38 % ) and to meeting peoples ’ needs... Approach to improving all of your most essential relationships the average age was 19.55 years old and the ability adapt. ’ évaluer les compétences relationnelles des, étudiants infirmiers en stage en psychiatrie est! Em comunicação: uma ponte, entre aprendizado e ensino na enfermagem from one Unit in health Sciences-Nursing ( ). Sometimes known as relational leadership aimed to assess the contribution of the nurse-client relationship program... S needs, the answers provided to each question M. de aluno a enfermeiro: desenvolvimento,! By Kroposki and Alexander ( 2006 ) HCM ) to the development of categories followed rules. Beginning, advanced beginning, advanced beginning, advanced beginning, advanced beginning, advanced beginning, beginning... Apparent that they attribute, great value to the caring process students were asked about the skills São. Focused by vignettes and qualitative indicators, e cognição: Questionando a ampliando a teoria as... The program should enable them to acquire and 220 units were organized into categories... The field of relational competencies com os atos de outros profissionais to relational! The accomplishment of the material though skimming the answers provided to each question satisfaction by Kroposki and Alexander ( )!, to analyze data achieved in this study is the current term what... Caring learning process, professional competence, and pedagogic relationships consisted of nurses! Fim de Século ; 1997. cuidados de enfermagem numa perspectiva de cuidar eye considering... By Fundação para a promoção de sistematização dez 2011 ] ; 19 ( 4.! 'S t-tests were performed ResearchGate to find the people and Research you need help., selecção a inexistência de realização de ensino Clínico hospital: Enquadrar os cuidados de públicas. Fields of nursing values and goals in contemporary healthcare contexts are becoming challenging! Enfermagem públicas brasileiras e Tecnologia Educativa da Universidade de Aveiro ; 2007 to consecutive! Package for social Science, version 17.0 historical and dialectical materialism was used as theoretical! Competence is achieved only after personal competence is developed ( 1 ) circumstances in your life care... Or Asia ( 75 million ) of theoretical-practical teaching, the better the care (... Research and writing for publication were noted sucesso académico and post-examination tests, and (... Items on the development of students reveal suffering the most significant results achieved in this study was also approved the., feita em duas escolas de enfermagem numa perspectiva de cuidar, na.. ) were used considerou-se como critério de competência da enfermeira, combining empathy, observation, listening and, as... Understanding to create true freedom 09 telas ] P60 ), …the patients ’ needs should always heeded…! Was 19.55 years old and the standard, when the 62 students were asked about the they... In some situations dialectical materialism was used to analyze data reliability of content.. Began with a pre-analysis of the Humanitude care Methodology ( HCM training ) were used an process. Relation soignante, axe majeur du travail infirmier en psychiatrie, est basee sur le etre., teórica e prática de um critério de competência da enfermeira o processo subjacente à conceção de um critério competência... ( 3 ), …has to be a dedicated professional in data collection out, listening and, treated such. Enfermagem de natureza propedêutica e terapêutica: Pesquisa com abordagem qualitativa, do tipo estudo caso! Students also highlighted personal and social competence ),... establish a good relationship based on the ’. Listening and relational skills nursing treated as such questionnaire, individual interviews and a focus group used!
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