Consent must be also recorded when photographs of patients are shown or other details are given that could lead to the identification of these individuals. Breast cancer is one of the main causes of cancer death worldwide. MLO and CC. The Editor welcomes submissions to JBI which adhere to the Instructions for Authors. Two breast radiologists independently completed a set of two-alternative forced-choice tasks to compare lesion conspicuity on standard-dose images, half-dose images, and the algorithm-processed half-dose images in both modes. Scientific statements or medical guidelines submissions will be considered as received from authoritative medical groups or societies. About the Journal Objective: To gain a holistic and deep understanding about how mastectomy effects the body image of women who have breast cancer. The file should be clearly named, e.g. Figures and text may be submitted in one file rather than separate files at first submission, Figures should be accompanied by a legend. Word count: no more than 4500 words (Introduction to Conclusion), Figure Limit (images, charts, or graphs): 8, Word count: no more than 3500 words (Introduction to Conclusion), Figure Limit (images, charts, or graphs): 12. Clinically, the best approach of screening for Asian women is ultrasound images combined with biopsies. These are images that represent either an innovative imaging or interventional technique, or an exceptional example of an uncommon entity in breast imaging. All manuscripts are submitted and reviewed via the journal's web-based manuscript submission system, ScholarOne. For example, instead of “Next we excluded women under age 40 years” try “Women under age 40 years were excluded.”. The relevant article must be referenced in the letter (first reference). Get information on breast cancer (breast carcinoma) awareness, signs, symptoms, stages, types, treatment, and survival rates. Generally 300 dpi is the minimum acceptable resolution for publication. The graphical abstract should clearly summarize the focus and findings of the article, and will be published as part of the article online and in PDF. Dr. M. Karnan1, K. Rajiv Gandhi: “Diagnose Breast Cancer Through Mammograms, Using Image Processing Techniques and Optimization Techniques”, Fifth International Conference on Computational Intelligence, Communication Systems … Figure 6a: Sagittal images from breast MRI in a 69-year-old woman with an invasive ductal carcinoma of the triple-negative subtype. Please avoid jargon, such as “breast imagers,” using “breast imaging radiologists” or “breast radiologists” instead. Manuscript Preparation Images should be in use a common format (e.g. These are not meant to be case reports. JBI, the official journal of the Society of Breast Imaging, is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to provide high quality, evidence-based content for the global breast imaging medical community. Briefly review the differential diagnosis and why the history and image finding point to the correct diagnosis. (a) Image from pre-chemotherapy contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MRI shows a round, enhancing mass. the manuscript has been submitted only to. Data citations should include the minimum information recommended by DataCite: *The inclusion of the [dataset] tag at the beginning of the citation helps us to correctly identify and tag the citation. Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations: African American Women Are at a Disadvantage, A Review of Breast Pain: Causes, Imaging Recommendations, and Treatment, Encapsulated Papillary Carcinoma of the Breast: Imaging Features with Histopathologic Correlation, New Palpable Breast Mass in a COVID-19 Patient, Black Lives Matter: Racism in Research Needs to be Acknowledged in U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Guidelines, Details of the open access licences and open access charges, Find out if your institution is participating, Further information about OUP’s ethical policies, More information about iThenticate can be found, Further guidelines on clearing permissions, Guidelines on permissions for the reuse of OUP material, Online Licensing, Copyright and Permissions policies, HER2- or HER2-negative or HER2-not amplified. Add to Likebox #64910526 - Difference of breast implant round and teardrop shapes. Breast cancer is one of the most harmful diseases for women with the highest morbidity. Breast cancer treatment indelibly alters a woman's reproductive and sexual functioning, body integrity, and the ways in which she self-identifies as a sexual being. Images should be of the highest resolution available for that modality. – Support for our author and subscriber community. This applies to prospective and retrospective studies that involve any direct interaction with patients or collection of private information (including imaging studies or chart reviews). The CBIS-DDSM (Curated Breast Imaging Subset of DDSM) is an updated and standardized version of the Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM). Brief review of the diagnosis, including the imaging features, prevalence, and outcome. These will all undergo peer review. Breast Cancer Subtypes as Defined by the Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone Receptor (PR), and the Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER2) among Women with Invasive Breast Cancer in California, 1999–2004. For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. Please note that some funders require open access publication as a condition of funding. For animal studies, include appropriate ethics approval. For example, articles in this section may include how to teach breast US-guided biopsy, development of a medical student elective curriculum, outcome of the fellowship match, or a survey of resident views of the fellowship match. Breast Images These should be structured as follows: Title page, no references. JBI; will publish original research, as well as reviews of important scientific, educational and clinical topics. Articles should be 300-550 words in length. This tag will be removed from the citation published in the reference list. Bezdek: “Breast Cancer Detection Using Image Processing Techniques,” International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 87 – No.14, February 2014. JBI, the official journal of the Society of Breast Imaging, is a peer-reviewed publication that aims to provide high quality, evidence-based content for the global breast imaging medical community. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. Clinical Breast Cancer is devoted to articles on detection , diagnosis , prevention , and treatment of breast cancer. The goal of these articles is to facilitate assessment of radiologic–pathologic concordance (and recognition of discordance) after image-guided needle biopsy. Additional authors will be considered at the editor's discretion. For further information see the FAQ. Open Access Mammography is broadly perceived as the best imaging methodology for the early location of BC. F. Anagnostopoulos, S. MyrgianniBody image of Greek breast cancer patients treated with mastectomy or breast conserving surgery Journal of Clinical Psychology in … Similarly, please ensure that the size and thickness of arrows or other markers is sufficient for publication. When seeking to reproduce any kind of third party material authors should request the following: It is particularly important to clear permission for use in both the print and online versions of the journal, and we are not able to accept permissions which carry a time limit because we retain journal articles as part of our online journal archive. The majority are solicited by the editor but submissions will be considered with prior approval from the editor. If one or a few authors have a conflict to disclose, further to that statement, there should be an additional statement for those remaining authors who do not have any conflicts of interest. Edited By: Shahla Masood. May be formatted in any readable style at submission, Authors are responsible for their accuracy, These should be included at the end of the text, Please refer to your funding organizations to acknowledge their support, PubMed Central links will require a specific grant number to be referenced, Only conference presentations at the annual Society of Breast Imaging meeting should be referenced in Acknowledments, Material to be considered as Supplementary Material should be submitted at the same time as the main manuscript, Supplementary material will be available online only and will not be copyedited, so ensure that it is clearly and succinctly presented, The style should conform with the rest of the paper, The presentation should work on any internet browser, All data files and online-only appendices should be uploaded to Dryad using the confidential link you will receive via email immediately after submitting the other manuscript files. If the IRB at the participating institution does not require approval for the study type submitted, this must be stated in the manuscript. Journal of Breast Imaging publishes peer-reviewed original research advancing the field of breast imaging with the ultimate goal of saving lives and minimizing the impact of breast cancer. These must be vetted and approved by the submitting society or medical group prior to submission. Please note that edited manuscripts will still need to undergo peer review by the journal. Each question must also have answer explanations (both why the correct answer is correct and the incorrect ones are incorrect) along with a reference. Further information about OUP’s ethical policies. Abstract: Unstructured and no more than 200 words, Word count: no more than 2000 words (Introduction to Conclusion), Abstract: Unstructured and no more than 250 words (unless the work represents original research), Brief description: no more than 500 words. At first use in the text, please spell out as mediolateral oblique (MLO) and craniocaudal (CC). Manuscript Types This paper is meant as an introduction for nonexperts. As such, please ensure that there are no references to personal prior work (e.g. Please use the following text at the end of the article before the reference list when linking to data hosted on Dryad in the article: Word count: no more than 3500 words (Introduction to Discussion), Abstract: Unstructured and no more than 250 words, Figure Limit (images, charts, or graphs): 3, Required Key Messages: 2-3 bulleted sentences summarizing the important findings of your manuscript, Word count: no more than 4500 words (Introduction to Discussion), Abstract: Structured and no more than 250 words, Reference Limit: 35 (limit may be extended for meta-analyses), Figure Limit (images, charts, or graphs): 6. About this journal. If no IRB existed at the time the study was initiated, the authors must include a statement in the manuscript to this effect, as well as a second statement that the principles of the Declaration of Helsinki were followed. We suggest that data be presented in the main manuscript or additional supporting files, or deposited in a public repository whenever possible. The present study was performed to assess the accuracy and clinical value of image-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy in the diagnosis of mammography-detected breast microcalcifications. JBI adheres to a policy of double-blind reviewing, in which the identity of the author is, as far as possible, kept from reviewers, whilst reviewers’ names are kept confidential. See this page for information about compliance with funding agency requirements including PubMed/PMC deposits. There are two types of editorial submissions. To submit to the journal, go to Impact factor: 1.991. Four to six images should be provided and the image legends should include a description of the findings, and the images should have relevant arrows or other markers. Differential Diagnosis. Authors should observe high standards with respect to publication best practice. Text within figures is typically not edited during production. In addition, please include if informed consent was obtained or waived by the IRB. Dashed and solid arrows are preferred over colored arrows when multiple arrows are needed. These will undergo peer review. What is the complication to be aware … Improved understanding of how treatment affects these aspects of a woman's health, identity, and relationships is necessary to ameliorate the effectiveness with which these issues are addressed by healthcare providers. For a retrospective study an example statement may be “This study was approved by our institutional review board who granted a waiver of consent. We believe that the study of breast disease lends itself particularly well to visual case presentations. The Breast Journal. Only essential corrections should be made at the proof stage. Cite this Article Aman Gautam, Brijesh Kumar. These will all undergo peer review. Authors will receive a link to the PDF proof of their manuscript on our online system by email, and it is essential that a current email address is supplied with all manuscripts. Imaging Findings. At this stage, manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they are not relevant to the journal or are not of high enough priority. These are brief summary reviews on focused breast cancer screening topics. Ethical Policies The majority of Training and Early Career articles will be solicited by the editor, but can be submitted without prior approval by the editor. Guidelines on permissions for the reuse of OUP material. This means authors from participating institutions can publish open access, and the institution may pay the charge. JBI uses a double-blind review process. All studies involving human subjects require prior Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Ensure that a consistent, embedded typeface is used. Discussion. Please include a full acknowledgment of the source when reusing the material you authored. All will undergo peer-review. Mammography examination reduced the BC death in spite of increasing These articles communicate new knowledge gained through original research or meta-analysis. No more than 250 words. These will typically be written by a single author. These are comprehensive focused reviews of the scientific literature written by experts in the field. JBI supports the Force 11 Data Citation Principles and requires that all publicly available datasets be fully referenced in the reference list with an accession number or unique identifier such as a digital object identifier (DOI). Ultrasound imaging is one of the most frequently used diagnostic tools to detect and classify abnormalities of the breast. Labels/arrows should be saved as a separate layer. The published journal article cannot be shared publicly, for example on ResearchGate or, to ensure the sustainability of peer-reviewed research in journal publications.