I feel blest , it is so beautiful. Make sure they come from the US. They are planted in two separate locations and are looking OK but seem to be growing very slowly. apart (15-60 cm) depending on the species. Hope it attracts lots of monarchs to your garden…. good luck! This species of milkweed is a great choice for wetland mitigation. height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates. Except the invasive non-native Japanese Stiltgrass that I did not know was already there. Hopefully they will be less enthusiastic about more mature plants next season. Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed) This 2 to 3-foot tall species gets its name from the reddish-purple rib on the leaves. Attractive and easy to grow, they shine in many perennial gardens and are a key component of butterfly gardens, cottage gardens, or prairies and meadows. Milkweeds Native to Florida Most people are used to seeing the bright orange flowers of the, non-native, scarlet milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) and don’t realize that Florida is home to twenty one native milkweeds. To create additional collections, you must be a paid member of our site. Hi Marci, rabbits kept eating our down to the ground last season, so we put rabbit fencing around ours and that solved the issue. Keep us posted on how your purple milkweed is growing and what it attracts. I spread many of them around the location of the mother plants after we mowed. Without thinking, I should have waited until colder weather arrived but it’s too late now! Matt. And keep me posted on the variegated. Will Stuart. Fairly easy to replicate and requiring low care, this... Wouldn't you love your sunny borders to look like this in... A border of mixed herbaceous peonies is always an image of... Use our interactive toolsto design your dream garden. I was able to save several pods of seeds from the few milkweed that had managed to survive the over growth. Your best options are to find a local nursery offering it or starting seeds…good luck! 4.2 out of 5 stars 513. Detail of Purple Milkweed showing a cluster of blossoms each with deep rose , strongly reflexed corolla lobes. Occurring widely in the northeast in thickets, open woods, and fields, Purple Milkweed is similar to common Milkweed except that it has much deeper rose-pink flowers and more pointed leaves. Thank you! Leaves are opposite, oval, cordate and clasping at base, smooth, bluish green with purplish tints. Germination usually takes place in 1 - … Cut a milkweed stem on an angle at least ¼” below a leaf node. PS…they don’t spread aggressively through underground rhizomes like common milkweed. In Minnesota, our common milkweed generally starts to ‘go bad’ in August. Also, try Etsy and eBay. Eye-catching, Anthemis tinctoria is a vigorous perennial that will light up your garden throughout summer and sometimes into fall with its abundant blooms of shining golden yellow flowers atop a fragrant lacy foliage. STILL under a layer of tulle!!! My plants are now one & two feet high. Start to grow from cuttings at least one month before planting outside You could try potting one or two as an experiment to see how they do compared to your garden plants. Anyway, to shorten this story, I burned the field after waiting a few years for the perfect conditions in late February. Mostly native to the U.S. and Canada, Asclepias include over 100 species of evergreen or deciduous perennials adorned with clusters of small, interestingly shaped blooms that are irresistible to butterflies. Without Milkweed, monarchs cannot successfully reproduce and the species declines. Soil conditions vary with the Milkweed … By planting milkweed in your own garden, you can help reverse the fortune of these beautiful insects! So I did, and also bought a poke milkweed plant too. I’m still waiting for my Varigated tropical MW plants, I’ll keep you posted!!! I’ve been at a loss to figure out a way to address the issues, that wouldn’t harm monarch / monarch caterpillars. Hi Edward, it’s definitely a slow grower…ours didn’t flower for three years. Often fragrant, the attractive flowers are a great source of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and other beneficial insects. I was just reading comment from Marci Moss above, about “something” eating her purple MW seedlings inside a cage and I have to say I can understand. good luck! They sell plants in gallon containers for $5. Grow Butterfly Weed Seeds - Plant Swamp Milkweed CarmineNamed Butterfly Weed for a reason, this attractive and fragrant perennial will draw butterflies (and bees, and birds!) I have some old seed of this milkweed and pre-treated them as described on the Texas Native Seed Growers site and then put them out in a pot for winter sowing. I pinched half in the front to get them to be more bushy and realize they might not bloom this year. Blooming from late spring to early fall, depending on the varieties, their stately flowers are noted for their long-lasting display of reds, oranges, yellows or creams, adding eye-catching splashes of color to any border. Next time … Milkweeds Native to Florida Read More » It must be some kind of bug. One shoot popped up in May so I yanked it out & stuck it in a pot of soil. This milkweed type is almost extinct in MA with only 1 or 2 confirmed patches in the wild. The corolla is spreading to reflexed, dark red-purple; the pales pinkish to purplish hoods are slightly elevated above the corolla base, with no horns. The PLANTS Database www.plants.usa.gov. It’s been a very mild summer so far, but I’m wondering, from reading this thread, if it’s wise to plan them in the ground in summer, or wait until fall. Plants form clumps 2 to 3 feet tall and wide and have stout straight stems topped by beautiful mid-summer rosy-purple flower balls. ALL the leaves disappeared but the stalks are already shooting out new leaves. Hope they bloom next year. Home Help Search Order: Photo Guide : Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed) Leaf (10 K) Flower (19 K) Flower (15 K) Perennial herb from a slender to stout rhizome 5-10 dm tall … 2016. Or should I just plant the common milkweed? That put a dent in our budget! Note this is the default cart. Hi Larry, for purple milkweed I’d try using rooting hormone in soil or growing medium: I planted 10 packets of seed and I got 30 plants which I planted in my local park in Alexandria, VA. I would suggest transplanting in fall…good luck! I have a local source in NE Ohio, Nodding Onion Gardens, which specializes in purple and poke milkweed. Apparently a supplier has successfully started raising purple milkweed because I was able to pick up 3, 1 gallon size plants. Ours is planted in well-drained soil but it’s not overly dry. . Hi Jeri, I would probably plant them now. And a study of the difficult-to-propagate purple milkweed (A. purpurascens) transplant success in Wisconsin that indicated of 21 plants surviving transplant shock, that only one third of them survived to the end of the second season, while five seedlings were recruited from the transplant’s seed bank over the same two years. Because of this, we were buying milkweed plants (not sprayed with insecticide) like crazy to have enough food for these babies. After all the information I have found this winter, I did read one article that said we should only plant the milkweed that is indigenous to our area as that is what our group of Monarchs are used to. If the species or cultivar of milkweed is… They get about 3 hours of sun around noon here in Springfield Missouri. If your common starts to die after cutting it back, it could be a moisture issue. I also have a butterfly house and wondered if butterflies actually use these? Another great post. You might try an experiment by cutting some back and seeing if you notice a difference. Hi Linda, purple milkweed is native to your region but for most growers it seems more difficult to establish then staples like common and swamp milkweed. This year is a good year for my Purple Milkweed. We were able to mow last fall and I have been working to turn it around. It’s tropical, and not extremely hardy, so it was likely being grown as an annual here, along with golden jewels of Opar ( Talinum paniculatum ‘Aureum’, annual) in one shot and with a shiny purple-leafed basil ( Ocimum cv., annual) in the other. Accept Efforts are being made to protect those sites. Following this, pot up to germinate. Nodding Onion Gardens doesn’t ship their plants…. I protected it! As more people post throughout the site, the list of milkweed pests continues to grow! Hi Cecilia, I have not heard of this being grown successfully in your region, but if you tried it, I would recommend morning sun and afternoon shade. Hi Mary, I used refrigerator cold moist stratification and had great success using this technique: I’m not sure how long milkweed seeds stay viable, but I don’t think 2010 is outside the realm of possibility for some germination…keep us posted and good luck! I didn’t want any premature egg laying until I finally had some established plants. How far back should this be done & where on the plant? Diseased plants create diseased plants. Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. Five tiny delicate petals are crowned with five nectar cups that are crucial in its intricate pollination. Loosen the soil where you will be planting. Maybe I should try growing some other varieties of milkweed. We have also had good results from sowing the seed in the greenhouse in early spring, though stored seed might need 2 - 3 weeks cold stratification. We will share methods to propagate by seed on another page. We haven’t seen Monarchs for – you guessed it – two years. We live in Madison, Wisconsin, and were lucky enough to find and buy three Asclepias Purpurascens plants in 4″ pots last spring. We just read this entire thread, and are so glad we did! Sounds like it may not be as cold in Indiana as Minn. Hope this helps. Hi Shari, monarchs are a migratory species, and not native to one region. Yes, in many ways. I have often read that in order for bushier growth the milkweed should be cut back. and are blessed to have a large yard. Purchase Asclepias purpurascens from eBay, Click here to Discover More Milkweed Options for your Butterfly Garden. Danaus Plexippus . Can purple milkweed grow in South Florida? How To Harvest Milkweed Seeds: All of the Facts, None of the Fluff! Regular price $16 Whisperin' Yellow False Indigo. It’s always interesting to hear about new and less planted milkweeds. Can purple milkweed cuttings be placed in water to form roots? They have been stored in the fridge all these years so at least they’ve not been subjected to heat. My main goal is to establish a Butterfly Garden, which is highly visible from all directions, especially the Monarchs of which we see precious few here as of the last few years. The Milkweed tree is a tropical and sub tropical plant so it will never live year round in its current location. Regular price $16 — Sold Out. Wish me luck!!! The description of these plants Regular price $18 — Sold Out. About Heart Leaf Milkweed (Asclepias cordifolia) 8 Nurseries Carry This Plant Add to My Plant List; Asclepias cordifolia is a species of milkweed commonly called Heart-leaf milkweed or Purple milkweed (not to be confused with Asclepias purpurascens, also commonly called Purple milkweed). Did I get lucky? Germination of Milkweed Seeds. After seedlings have reached 8-12″ you can cut back the top set of leaves.